Tour 2: 4 day Omo Highlights Tour #2:

Visit the Aari/Ari, Mursi/Mun, Me’en/Menit/Mekan (Bodi), Hor (Arbore or Marle), Nyangatom/Donyiro and Hamar (or Bashada) tribes and visit the local markets as schedule and security allows.

Itineraries are flexible and subject to change, but the standard schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Pick up from airport in Jinka, visit the Aari/Ari tribe, overnight in Jinka
Day 2: Visit the Mursi/Mun and Me’en/Menit/Mekan (Bodi) tribes, overnight in Jinka
Day 3: Visit the Hor (Arbore or Marle) tribe, overnight in Turmi
Day 4: Visit the Nyangatom/Donyiro and Hamar (or Bashada) tribes, overnight in Turmi
Day 5: Leave Turmi in the morning, drop off at airport in Jinka

(leaves everyday at 2:00 PM from Jinka on day 1 and returns to Jinka at 12:00 PM on day 5)