Tour 8: 7 day Omo Highlights Tour:

Visit the Aari/Ari, Tsamai/Tsemay/Ts’amakko, Banna, Mursi/Mun, Me’en/Menit/Mekan (Bodi), Hor (Arbore or Marle), Kara/Karo, Nyangatom/Donyiro, Koegu/Koyugu/Kwegu (during dry conditions only), Daasanach and Hamar (or Bashada) tribes and visit the local markets as schedule and security allows.

Itineraries are flexible and subject to change, but the standard schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Pick up from airport in Jinka, visit the Aari/Ari tribe, overnight in Jinka
Day 2: Visit the Tsamai/Tsemay/Ts’amakko and Banna tribes, overnight in Jinka
Day 3: Visit the Mursi/Mun and Me’en/Menit/Mekan (Bodi) tribes, overnight in Jinka
Day 4: Visit the Hor (Arbore or Marle) tribe, overnight in Turmi
Day 5: Visit the Kara/Karo and Nyangatom/Donyiro tribes, overnight in Turmi
Day 6: Visit the Koegu/Koyugu/Kwegu tribe (during dry conditions only), overnight in Turmi
Day 7: Visit the Daasanach and Hamar (or Bashada) tribes, overnight in Turmi
Day 8: Leave Turmi in the morning, drop off at airport in Jinka

(leaves everyday at 2:00 PM from Jinka on day 1 and returns to Jinka at 12:00 PM on day 8)